Eco Fire Safety


Here at Eco Fire Safety we help our customers PREVENT fire, DETECT fire and EXTINGUISH fire.



Fire Risk Assessments & Fire Hazard Control

If you employ 5 or more employees, you MUST have an up to date Fire Risk Assessment.

If you have less than 5 employees then you still need to take steps to protect those people on your premises and also those nearby including the general public.

Eco Fire Safety help you ensure you meet your obligations and adopt the correct common sense procedures.

Smoke Alarm


Smoke and Fire Detectors

Having a reliable method of fire detection is essential to ensure everyone receives ample warning to get themselves to safety. Fire spreads faster than you might expect, so every second really does count! Proper detection and warning can stop a fire spreading and saves property and lives.

We can supply and fit smoke detectors and alarms. We also provide sprinkler systems for larger businesses.

Fire Extinguisher and Flames


Fire Extinguishers

There are different extinguishers for different types of fire – using the wrong extinguisher on a fire could have devastating consequences. You also need to make sure your extinguishers are serviced regularly in accordance with the law!

We can check your existing extinguishers to ensure they are adequate and also supply new ones if required.

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