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P50 Extinguishers & Lithium Battery Extinguishers

P50 Extinguishers

By switching to P50 fire extinguishers, your business can enjoy various benefits, including reduced inventory, environmental friendliness, and significant cost savings.

Unlike traditional extinguishers, P50 extinguishers do not require engineer servicing, but only an annual check that can be conducted by a trained member of your team. With competence training, you can eliminate the need for a service contract, resulting in an average cost savings of 55% over the replacement cycle.

Lithium Battery Extinguishers

Previously, there was no effective way to combat lithium battery fires, which can rapidly reach temperatures of 800ºC and easily spread to other devices and batteries. However, recently developed powder and liquid-based fire extinguishers specifically designed for these types of fires can effectively address the unique hazards they present.

Compared to standard ABC Fire Extinguishers, these specialized Lithium Battery Fire Extinguishers are particularly effective at preventing the fires from reigniting, which allows for faster and safer extinguishing of the flames. They can be used on a range of electronic devices, including personal electronics like smartphones and tablets, as well as in locations where batteries are stored or charging.