P50 vs Traditional Fire Extinguishers

High Performance P50 Foam Extinguishers vs Standard Foam and C02 Extinguishers

P50 Fire Extinguishers

  • An internal 3-layered cylinder in the composite construction of our P50 extinguishers prevents corrosion or chemical interactions.
  • Kevlar Aramid strengthens P50 extinguishers, being stronger than steel, and is commonly used in bulletproof vests.
  • A Multi-risk foam P50 extinguisher can put out class A, B, and electrical fires (up to 1000 volts), replacing the requirement for separate CO2 and foam extinguishers, making it a more efficient and complete solution.
  • Our wet chemical P50 extinguishers provide comprehensive protection against class F fires involving cooking oils and fats, as well as electrical fires.
  • P50 fire extinguishers (foam, wet chemical, and powder) meet safety standards for electrical fires and have a 1,000v dielectric rating.
  • No service contract is necessary as they can be serviced by clients themselves once training has been provided by us.
  • P50 fire extinguishers have a 10-year warranty and 20-year life cycle, ensuring a reliable, long-term fire safety solution for customers.


Traditional Fire Extinguishers

  • Conventional stored pressure fire extinguishers made of painted steel may corrode the inner lining due to prolonged contact with the contents.
  • Traditional fire extinguishers are prone to denting and can burst if the contents freeze. Additionally, their inner protective lining may detach over time.
  • Traditional fire extinguishers have varying limitations in terms of the types of fires they can safely combat, often requiring multiple types of extinguishers to cover all potential fire hazards.
  • Water extinguishers for class A fires only.
  • Foam extinguishers for class A and B fires.
  • Powder extinguishers for class A, B, C, and electrical fires.
  • CO2 extinguishers for B, C, and electrical fires.
  • Wet chemical extinguishers for class F fires.
  • Steel extinguishers, excluding CO2 ones, require refilling or replacement every 5 years. CO2 extinguishers need replacement every 10 years.

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