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Servicing Your P50 In-House

Our customers love the fact that they don’t have to have their P50’s inspected by an external engineer. By delegating the task in-house you can save time and money. It also eliminates any security or work interruption issues. Carrying out your own in-house inspection of the P50 is straight forward and takes just a few minutes per unit. This video shows the simple process:

The P50 Brochure – All You Need to Know! 

The Great P50 Switch…and why it’s a no brainer!

There are so many good reasons to choose the P50 and replace your old metal extinguishers including: ease of use, lower costs, improved on-premise security, less inconvenience and the P50 is kinder to the environment! We asked our customers what their main reason for choosing the P50 was, here’s a few..

• Heathrow Airport chose the fire extinguisher because it fitted with its sustainability strategy to reduce its carbon footprint.

• Ambulance Services and Transport companies choose the P50 because it means they can keep vehicles on the road, and they don’t have to be taken out of action to service the extinguishers. 

• Wentworth House chose the P50 because they liked the fact that the public would only have one extinguisher to choose from as opposed to two. This meant less confusion in the event of a fire.

Adoption of the P50 is growing faster than ever, take a look at some of the companies that have made the switch recently …

Britannia Fire Ltd
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Carpet Specialists Pull the Rug on Traditional Extinguishers!

Carpet & Flooring Ltd are a commercial wholesale supplier of floor coverings with over 30 years trading and employing more than 300 people.

With 12 distribution centres around the UK, they offer next day delivery on their vast range of carpets, carpet tiles and vinyl. This has earned them a firm reputation among flooring contractors and specifiers as a trusted brand and supplier of high-quality products. “We have been aware of the P50 for a few years and decided to leave our current supplier once we realised the potential benefits, we couldn’t see any reason to stay with our old metal extinguishers”, explained Dylan Sweeney, National Operational Risk Manager for Carpet & Flooring. “Like any business we are always looking to improve health and safety, especially fire related. When I received an email from Eco Fire Safety with their short video explaining the benefits of the P50 over traditional extinguishers, I decided to take them up on their offer of a free survey and demo”, added Dylan.

Eco Fire Safety provided a detailed survey and report identifying both fire safety improvements and cost savings for Carpet & Flooring Ltd across their 12 locations. Our recommendations reduced the overall number of units by almost 50% and enabled the client to service the new P50’s in house, without the need for costly external service engineers. Naturally, suppliers of old traditional units aren’t a big fan of the P50! “We have halved the number of units required but with no decrease to our fire coverage rating”, explained Dylan. “We anticipate the P50’s will pay for themselves within the first 2 years and save us between £1000 – £2000 per site annually on service and maintenance! We would happily recommend Eco Fire Safety because they operate within our own ideals, great product and superb service”.

Safety Hub

Say ‘hello’ to the SafetyHub – a unique, fully configurable site safety point that you can tailor to your exact requirements.

SafetyHub is a new concept that is so much more than just a mobile fire point: it can be configured as a PPE station, First Aid point, Fire Safety centre, Spill Response hub, Safety Information centre… in fact, it can be configured to be exactly what you need it to be, wherever you need it.

Designed to be 100% recyclable, every element of the SafetyHub is constructed from materials that are tough enough to survive the harshest treatment whilst minimising environmental impact, particularly at end of life – which should be a long way off, as it’s very durable indeed! Perfect for use on construction sites, in factories, workshops, filling stations, on civil engineering projects, at events and in pretty well any other kind of busy environment you can think of, SafetyHub is equally at home indoors or outside and will be invaluable for ensuring the safety of everyone on site.

UK’s Largest Fitness Chain Chooses P50

The UK’s largest fitness operator has chosen the P50 to protect its 200-plus gyms and more than a million members.

Fast-expanding PureGym is installing the multi-use composite P50, the only extinguisher that needs no external servicing contract and can be maintained in-house by trained staff, in its new gyms, with a programme to replace metal extinguishers in all its premises. Eliminating the process of “organising and chasing” external servicing was the driving force behind the decision to swap metal extinguishers for the P50 as well as the major savings the investment would bring.

PureGym’s head of risk Malcolm Shevlin discovered the P50 and its special features at a presentation by a fire and rescue service.

The fact that fewer P50 units were needed to replace metal extinguishers was also a big appeal.

 “On average we are installing half the number of P50 extinguishers compared to the old metal ones in our new sites or existing sites going through renewals of extinguishers,” Mr Shevlin said.

The installation of hundreds of units across England and Scotland is running alongside the programme to fit P50s across Heathrow Airport’s terminals. 

Heathrow chose the fire extinguisher because it fitted with its sustainability strategy to reduce its carbon footprint. PureGym’s investment comes at a time when sales of P50 are growing at 45% already this year, with three shifts running at our Norfolk factory and further growth predicted. Britannia Fire’s Sales Director Andy Spence said: “The P50’s innovation and technology is in line with what the modern world demands.  It is a made in the UK product.  PureGym highlighted the in-house maintenance as the most important factor. For Heathrow, it was sustainability to help its strategy to lower its carbon footprint.

“P50s are also in emergency vehicles, including ambulances.  The P50s were chosen for emergency vehicles to keep vehicles 

on the road. Servicing means emergency vehicles have to be taken out of action.

“For our marine and offshore market, it is the P50’s lack of corrosion that is a real sales trigger, as well as the cutting the servicing offshore.”

PureGym was launched in 2009 and pioneered the model for affordable, flexible and high-quality fitness clubs in the UK.  Most of its sites are open 24 hours a day and offer a full range of high-quality equipment without the need to commit to a 12-month contract.

Wentworth House - P50 Protects Beautiful Stately Home

Set in the South Yorkshire countryside Wentworth Woodhouse is perhaps best known for its part in award winning films such as Darkest Hour and feature length TV series including ITV’S Victoria, BBC’s Jonathan Strange.

The house and grounds of Wentworth Woodhouse are ideal backdrops for period dramas with an abundance of striking architectural features and open spaces. When we were contacted by Facilities Manager, Julie Reedman to discuss the replacement of their decaying metal extinguishers, there were plenty of volunteers to go and visit this historic house. We replaced all of their metal extinguishers with approximately half the number of P50’s!

Our approach to fire training in the building. We have a small number of staff and a large number of volunteers. We can train the staff and volunteers very easily in the operation of one type of extinguisher which can be used in all areas of the house.

We did a cost benefit analysis over ten years and because we can service them ourselves and need less extinguishers, the investment was re-paid within 5 years!”

We really enjoyed working with the team at Wentworth Woodhouse, we made a short video with them showing the project in more details …

Wentworth Woodhouse

P50 a Real Winner for NATTA Building Company

The Natta Building Company was formed in 1972 and specialises in a wide spectrumof civil engineering projects. When they contacted us to find out more about the P50 we offered them our free site survey and evaluation of Natta’s current fire extinguishers. The ensuing report included a cost benefit analysis and return on investment calculation.

“Jason contacted us to introduce the P50 and the product sounded interesting, so we agreed to meet. At the meeting Jason showed us the Britannia P50 which is a multi-use fire extinguisher that we could service ourselves for the first 10 years. The servicing of fire extinguishers had, for us, become a logistical nightmare. We are consistently moving extinguishers from one building site to another, sometimes at short notice, and the fact that we could service the P50’s ourselves was a huge benefit to us”, explained James Hibberd – Natta’s Senior Buyer.

“The P50 does cost slightly more than a standard extinguisher but this is far outweighed by the saving made by not having to have an external company charging us for servicing. We believe this will save Natta somewhere in the region of £12,000 over the next 10 years!”, confirmed James.

We were also able to almost halve the number of extinguishers because the P50 is multipurpose. This also makes them simpler to use because you don’t have to decide which extinguisher to use, negating decision paralysis.

“Like many companies these days, we are trying to be more environmentally friendly and the fact that the P50 is 100% recyclable is another massive plus.”, enthused James.

Britannia P50 Featured on ITV’s Made in Britain

The ITV show, Made in Britain, recently visited Britannia Fire to produce a short feature film on how the revolutionary P50 is made. In case you missed it, you can watch the entire manufacturing process by clicking on the video link opposite …

Heathrow Choose the P50 to Protect Terminals from Fire Risk!

The aviation industry doesn’t take chances or cut corners when it comes to fire risk. With that sentiment in mind, it really is a true endorsement of the P50 Fire Extinguisher, that it has been chosen by Britain’s busiest airport, Heathrow.

Chris Allen, Heathrow Procurement Business Partner, Engineering, said: “There were many reasons why the P50 appealed to Heathrow. Its lower carbon footprint was one.

It is manufactured by a UK business and has a European supply chain. “Traditional metal fire extinguishers typically come with parts imported from Asia and with the P50 we will instantly see a reduction in the supply chain carbon footprint by restricting transit from Asia to the UK.

“The technology behind the P50 also meant fewer extinguishers were needed on the premises because it covered multiple risks.

We also have the added benefit of being able to maintain these in-house which reduces security clearances for service engineers coming on site,” concluded Chris.

The Corner House Pub, Mansfield.

Eco Fire has a diverse array of customers within their rapidly growing portfolio, with the The Corner House Pub becoming one of its latest and closest in location.

Based in Mansfield town centre, the pub has been taken over by a new landlord, Craig Maddox. Craig approached Eco Fire Safety after having a visit from a national fire extinguisher servicing company. They were quoted for servicing eight steel units located within the premises.

After learning more about the P50, Craig invited Eco Fire Safety to his business premises to conduct a survey. The survey revealed that FIVE P50`s would be required saving the business over £740 over the 10 years, quite a significant saving for just 5 extinguishers.

The simple annual visual inspection means there is no need for Craig to call in external engineers at the cost below to service his extinguishers. Craig now has control over his costs with complete transparency.

P50 Savings Chart
200 P50 Installations

Eco Fire Safety pass 200 installations

Eco Fire Safety Ltd business partners, Jason Gorman and Michael Blatherwick are proud to announce the 200th P50 installed since going full time in October.

Since bringing onboard Pandrol UK from Worksop as their first major contract, the company hasn’t looked back.

The business is growing nicely and 2018 represents a huge challenge and exciting times lay ahead.

The 200th P50 has been installed along with another 17 at a new care home scheme in Staffordshire for the Housing Plus Group.

A perfect solution for an organisation that looks after 12,000 homes, 25,000 customers and 600 employees. Housing Plus Group is a strong, resilient and effective provider of homes and care services throughout Shropshire and Staffordshire.

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