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Eco Fire Safety can offer the complete package from a Fire Door Inspection to Fire Door Maintenance or a Fire Door Installation.

Eco Fire Safety will create a certified and traceable link from manufacture to the installation process, this will ensure full conformity regarding the authenticity of any certification required for architects NBS Specifications, Buildings and Properties that have or require a Fire Safety Plan.


What we do?

Fire Door Inspection simply means that we check all your fire doors on-site to ensure they are safe, compliant and effective in protecting occupants against smoke and flame in the event of a fire.

We will undertake a complete industry-specific fire door inspection check on each fire door, followed by a full and detailed report, including images, so you can see the potential hazards of any incorrectly installed fire doors.

Our fire door inspection report will outline a specific set of recommendations, including essential works required to meet the current guidelines and safety regulations, as well as a list of non-critical but advisable works.

Our Services

What’s involved in a Fire Door Inspection?

• Overall condition fire doors.

• Gaps between door and frame

• Assessment of base gaps.

• Assessment of closer suitability and speed

• Suitability and condition of intumescent and smoke seals.

• Condition of hinges

• Notional assessment and confirmation of either FD30, FD30s, FD60 or FD60s.

• Assessment of fire characteristics and suitability of letterboxes.

• Assessment and suitability of fire door signage.

• Glazing assessment either by etchings or notional assessment.

• Surround glazing assessment either by etchings or notional assessment.

• Glazed borrowed light assessment either by etchings or notional assessment.

• Door frame condition assessment.

• Door Jamb condition assessment.

Handle and furniture condition assessment.

Compliant Fire Door Maintenance

Eco Fire Safety`s Fire Door Maintenance services will provide you with on-going regulation compliance, and with that comes peace of mind.

Since 2005, there is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order that fire doors are “subject to a suitable system of maintenance and are maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair”.

Your responsibilities are clear and therefore your failure to comply with these regulations may result in prosecution and expensive fines not to mention, in severe cases, imprisonment.

The basis to the fire door maintenance required comes directly from our fire door inspection report and therefore you will be able to see in advance what work is required and why the work is required.

Certificated Fire Door Installation

Our fire door installation service enables each of our clients to have a full and comprehensive installation certificate of 10 identifiable points, along with full test and data sheets of all materials used.

We will also provide our clients with a full O & M manual (Operations & Maintenance) which means that you adhere to Regulation 38 under the Buildings Regulations of England & Wales and be able to provide ‘as built information’, which is also a requirement of the person who is responsible for the premises.

Finally, to ensure that you have covered every area and more of your responsibilities regarding fire door installation, we will also provide photographs and particular proof of the intumescent between the door lining and structural opening.

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