Here are the answers to some of the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and queries we get regarding the P50 fire extinguisher:

Frequently Asked


The P50 foam extinguisher is perfect for office environments and is well suited for fighting electrical fires up to the normal voltage in offices which is 240V. In fact, the P50 has been declared safe by the BSI for use with up to 1000v!
In most cases, a single P50 foam extinguisher will replace TWO traditional extinguishers (one water or foam for combustible fires and CO2 for electrical fires)

Included in the cost of your P50 is delivery by one of our certified engineers at a convenient time to suit you.

The engineer will check that the units ordered are adequate to meet your requirements and install accordingly in the appropriate locations within your premises. They will also train you in the simple yearly visual inspection of the P50 extinguisher. Once this is done to your satisfaction, you will be presented with a certificate to confirm the training and the suitability of the extinguishers installed.

In addition, you will be given:

A form which you will need to complete and send to your insurance company to inform them about the new maintenance regime.
A Maintenance Log Book in which you will need to record your Annual Inspection.
Eco Fire Safety will send you a reminder each year and end confirm that you have completed your annual inspection and filled in the log book.

The P50 is approved by most major insurance companies including:

Within the extinguisher servicing standard BS5306-3:2009 it states that a responsible person needs to maintain all extinguishers and that such a responsible person is primarily defined as to have the ability to carry out the procedures as defined by the manufacturer.

The manufacturer of the P50, Britannia Fire Limited, clearly state that only a visual inspection is required.

Part of the service included in the price of your P50 from Eco Fire Safety, is that our engineer will install the extinguishers free of charge and train you how to carry out the annual inspection process.

The P50 Low Maintenance Fire extinguishers will need to be checked once a year by the owner or a competent person. This can easily be done by following a simple 3 step process which is clearly printed on the extinguisher body. We also have a short video that shows you the process.

The P50 foam extinguishers replace traditional foam, water and CO2 extinguishers in office environments, schools, nursing homes, agricultural and similar environments. The P50 powder extinguishers are used in engine rooms, refineries, farms and other outdoor locations.

After ten years Eco Fire Safety offers a refurbishment at a significantly lower price of a new P50, which gives the low maintenance fire extinguisher another ten-year lifespan.

Nottingham Fire Service are currently using the P50 Fire Extinguisher on their fire engines and there are more Fire Brigades across the UK that are distributing the P50 to customers in their area.

If a customer has existing extinguisher provision where extinguishers do not expire all at the same time, we offer a staged introduction to make this process easier and more cost efficient. We can also arrange a finance agreement so you can spread the costs over a set amount of time.

The P50 fire extinguisher is manufactured in the UK and conforms to British standard EN3.

Before you purchase P50 fire extinguishers, we will complete a free site survey. This will determine exactly how many extinguishers you need (which can be up to 40% less than traditional extinguishers) and where they should be sited. One of our engineers will then install them onsite, commission them and show you how to visually inspect them.

CO2 fire extinguishers have a B rating (suitable for flammable liquids such as petrol and oil). When replacing your current extinguishers with P50 fire extinguishers you need to ensure that you achieve the same or even a higher rating with the P50’s. Our engineer will do this for you when conducting the free site survey.
CO2 extinguishers also cover electrical risks, and the P50 foam extinguishers are safe to use on electrical fires (live electrical fires of up to 1000V at a distance of one metre).

No. CO2 extinguishers are handy near computers, printers etc but the P50 fire extinguishers ensure you are covered for fire risk according to your fire risk assessment. You can cover all your fire risks with the P50 extinguishers with the exception of deep fat fryers (F rating – Wet Chemical). This also takes away the decision paralysis as you will only have one fire extinguisher (P50) to safely use.

Anyone can, as long as they’ve read the instructions on the side of the extinguisher and have access to the company’s fire safety log to record the inspection.

All components of the P50 fire extinguisher are either stainless, brass or composite plastics which are corrosion resistant, so there is less need to replace any components or check for corrosion during the ten-year life cycle of the extinguishers.

No, after 10 years your P50 extinguisher is refurbished on-site and will then last for another 10 years.

Yes, the P50 extinguishers can be factory refurbished. Just contact us if your extinguisher has been discharged or if your extinguisher needs refurbishing after 10 years and we will arrange an engineer visit. However, if the extinguisher has been used on a fire, Eco Fire Safety Ltd will arrange for a free replacement.

The powder and foam content are certified to last in the P50 extinguishers for at least 10 years, whereas most manufacturers of extinguishing agents won’t guarantee their product for this period when used in steel extinguishers. The P50 fire extinguisher is made of high density polyethylene so can’t corrode.

No, the outer casing is UV protected and will protect the Kevlar inner from any light damage.

The extinguisher has been tested and confirmed safe for use on electrical equipment up to 1000V. Electrical fires mainly consist of burning cables and plastic components, which are very well extinguished with our foam extinguishers. However, we do recommend that where possible the power supply to electrical equipment is switched off before attempting to extinguish an electrical fire.

Yes. The P50 powder extinguisher can be used at temperatures as low as -20°C. The P50 foam extinguisher with antifreeze can be used at temperatures as low as -10°C. The antifreeze is added during manufacture.

No. Although we can’t answer for every insurance company, the many we have spoken to have all approved the P50 fire extinguishers. We do recommend, however, that you notify your insurance company of your new extinguisher arrangement.