Set in the South Yorkshire countryside Wentworth Woodhouse is perhaps best known for its part in award winning films such as Darkest Hour and feature length TV series including ITV’S Victoria, BBC’s Jonathan Strange.

The house and grounds of Wentworth Woodhouse are ideal backdrops for period dramas with an abundance of striking architectural features and open spaces. When we were contacted by Facilities Manager, Julie Reedman to discuss the replacement of their decaying metal extinguishers, there were plenty of volunteers to go and visit this historic house. We replaced all of their metal extinguishers with approximately half the number of P50’s!

Our approach to fire training in the building. We have a small number of staff and a large number of volunteers. We can train the staff and volunteers very easily in the operation of one type of extinguisher which can be used in all areas of the house.

We did a cost benefit analysis over ten years and because we can service them ourselves and need less extinguishers, the investment was re-paid within 5 years!”

We really enjoyed working with the team at Wentworth Woodhouse, we made a short video with them showing the project in more details …