The Natta Building Company was formed in 1972 and specialises in a wide spectrumof civil engineering projects. When they contacted us to find out more about the P50 we offered them our free site survey and evaluation of Natta’s current fire extinguishers. The ensuing report included a cost benefit analysis and return on investment calculation.

“Jason contacted us to introduce the P50 and the product sounded interesting, so we agreed to meet. At the meeting Jason showed us the Britannia P50 which is a multi-use fire extinguisher that we could service ourselves for the first 10 years. The servicing of fire extinguishers had, for us, become a logistical nightmare. We are consistently moving extinguishers from one building site to another, sometimes at short notice, and the fact that we could service the P50’s ourselves was a huge benefit to us”, explained James Hibberd – Natta’s Senior Buyer.

“The P50 does cost slightly more than a standard extinguisher but this is far outweighed by the saving made by not having to have an external company charging us for servicing. We believe this will save Natta somewhere in the region of £12,000 over the next 10 years!”, confirmed James.

We were also able to almost halve the number of extinguishers because the P50 is multipurpose. This also makes them simpler to use because you don’t have to decide which extinguisher to use, negating decision paralysis.

“Like many companies these days, we are trying to be more environmentally friendly and the fact that the P50 is 100% recyclable is another massive plus.”, enthused James.