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Since its launch in 2011, the Britannia P50 fire extinguisher has revolutionised fire safety. In fact, we are so convinced that you shouldn’t consider any other fire extinguisher, that we only sell the P50! If you want inferior extinguishers, you will have to go elsewhere!!

The P50 does 3 things better than traditional fire extinguishers ...



Because the P50 is multi-purpose it deals with all types of fire situation, meaning you will reduce the number of extinguishers required. Having a single extinguisher removes confusion in a panicked situation and reduces the risk of “decision paralysis”, which can prove fatal in a fire crisis.

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Traditional extinguishers have to be serviced by an approved service engineer every year. By these means, you SAVE ten times the annual service fees!

After a 10-year discharge and re-fill your P50 will last a further 10 years, therefore the cost savings can be enormous!

Saves our Planet


The P50 is recyclable, corrosive resistant and energy efficient to manufacture. This will dramatically reduce your impact on the environment. Also, because the P50 only requires one manufacturers overhaul at 10 years – it also greatly cuts down on the disposal of hazardous waste.

“The inclusion of an innovative use of modern materials in this product provides the opportunity for a reduction in onerous maintenance regimes for such equipment resulting in significant savings to both the public and private sectors. Importantly, the extinguisher retains its operational effectiveness whilst eliminating the risk of corrosion to enhance the safety to the user.”

Sir Ken Knight CBE QFSM FIFire (Former Government Chief Fire and Rescue Advisor)

Benefits of Switching to the P50 Fire Extinguisher

  • 10-year guarantee
  • Reduced servicing costs
  • Corrosion resistant
  • No split linings
  • No danger of personal injury due to corrosion  
  • Recyclable at the end of its life
  • Kevlar® – Aramid type super strength yarn
  • Carbon neutral
  • Lightweight for ease of operation
  • EN3 and MED approved
  • Manufacturer disposal of contents
  • 20-year life
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The P50 is Recommended & Approved!

Thankfully most people never have to use a fire extinguisher but if they did – then they need to act quickly and efficiently. The P50 is simple to use and as it`s an all in one extinguisher the margin for error is eradicated. Put simply, you can’t get the wrong extinguisher, because there is only one.  

The reason the  P50 is highly recommended by many UK Fire Services is due to its ease of use and reliability in the case of an emergency situation.

BSI Approved 

The Britannia P50 range is approved to the highest British and European standard for fire extinguishers. All P50’s meet the required BSI Kitemark to BS EN3.

Kite Marks

In-House Annual Inspection

In House Annual Inspection

The P50 can easily be inspected by following the manufacturer’s simple visual inspection instructions, which are printed on the body of the P50 extinguisher. The annual visual check is then simply recorded on the back of the extinguisher (using a permanent marker) and in the company’s fire log book.

Just follow these easy steps:

  • If an indicator is in the RED segment return to manufacturer or appointed distributor.
  • Remove any dust with a clean cloth. Turn upside down to inspect base and locate testing magnet.
  • Check date is within 10 year operational lifespan (colour coded stud in base gives year of manufacture.  
  • At 10 years return to manufacturer or distributor for manufacturers overhaul to extend the lifespan by a further 10 years.
  • Check the tamper seal is in place. If tamper seal is missing, contact manufacturer or distributor.
  • Check both indicators with a magnet to confirm operation.  Moving magnet from side to side needle should move then return to …
  • GREEN segment. Return magnet to base.
  • Record yearly inspection date into logbook and mark extinguisher body with permanent marker pen.

What our Customers Say ...

“I really like the P50 because it fights most fires and simplifies our approach to fire training in the building. We can train staff and volunteers very easily with one type of fire extinguisher which will be used in all the principal areas of the building”.

“I did a cost benefit analysis over 10 years and worked out by purchasing these fire extinguishers they paid for themselves in about 5 years”.

Julie Reedman, Facilities Manager, Wentworth Woodhouse.

Just a few of our prestigious clients ...

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